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How stats affect your DPS ? Post here your stats and your DPS.


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Hello, in an effort to better understand how stats affect your DPS in this game, I ask of all players to share here their class, their AP(optional - crit chance, cdmg), and their DPS. If you have better information to give, please provide your highest DPS, how hard your main damage skill hits (eg. Flicker 8500 / Dragontongue 12 000), how much DPS/damage increase when bluebuff/soulburn ?


Here is an example : BD - Flicker (9600 dmg highest / 12480 (30% dmg increase if ani cancel) ). 700AP 59% crit chance. Average DPS 20 000 (with grabs). Highest DPS 24 000 (without buffs).

Full stats can be found here : http://bnscoffee.com/character/EU/ryujin%20katana


This is purely to better understand how stats impact your DPS.

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Hm, I think you know what the stats are doing so I wonder what shall be the result of this thread. Classes, skills, bosses and even stats like cdmg work differently. The overall dps highly depends on your ping aswell. For example: FM + soulburn + dragonchar -> over 100k dps with good ping. With really bad ping it's not even half the dps.


I doubt it will be of any use for you or anyone else but here are some stats from me:


ap: 772

crit rate: 66%

crit dmg: 230%

fire damage: 118%


Main damage skill without awakened dragonchar is blazing palm which hits for around 11000/hit without blue buff. Overall dps depends on the enemy. In foundry (best example for range dps who just dps) I hit around 50k dps with WL and 1 BB in the group. Without both I am between 35k and 40k but it also depends on the enemy and how long the fight lasts (full burst is pretty strong that's why short fights are always higher dps).

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Stats doesnt impact your dps that much, buffs does (by that I mean bracelet/badge/emblem/weapon/other acc buffs and soulshield enhances) and also ping.


My stats are somewhat bad, FM 685ap, 207% crit dmg, 61% crit, 25-28k dps depending on luck.

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Seraph Axe stage 4

Shadow + Willpower Build



17% pierce

57% crt rate

220% crt damage

121% acc


Without Soul Burn, i can do 15k+ dps assuming i don't have to grab and the boss doesn't move around a lot.

With Soul Burn, it's usually in the 18k+ range and again assuming i don't need to grab or the boss doesn't move around a lot.

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61% crit

253% cdmg

8-set MSP


Personal DPS: 27-30k

During SB+Blue: spike to 70-73k

After SB+Blue: Fall down to about 40-45k


Ping affects your DPS more so than any stats though. Ive seen people with lower gear but great ping outdps higher geared people simply because they were able to send out more skills.

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Ping plays a huge role in your dps. My ms can be anywhere between 180~350ms. On good days it can go as low as 112ms 

Class: FM
AP: 711
Crit Rate: 58%
Crit Dmg: 224% 

Personal best DPS (no buffs): 21k
Average DPS in dungeons: 15~18k 
BB DPS: 24~26k
BB + SB DPS: 32k 

Like Meese said, I have seen FM's with less AP than myself dish out way more damage 

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50% Crit rate
8-14k dps

It depends very much on what boss we're talking about, ping, who tanks and how good. Because to get max dps I need to stay behind boss and press lmb-rmb-f. If boss is jumping or running around or knocks/stuns often, my dps is miserable. Also experience with this boss plays a huge role. If I did it enough times, I know when boss will cc and can resist/iframe in time.

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726 AP, Galaxy stage 4, 64% crit, 256% crit damage


Really depends where buffs fall into in my rotation and such but...


average 20-30k without buffs (though on a short fight I can hit 50-60k)

bb 35-50k

sb 50-70k

bb+sb 80-120k



... yes, I am a low ping ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, not quite TX low ping, but plenty low enough


ohh and LMB crits are around 10k, 2 crits are around 21k


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606 AP, Stage 10 True Scorpio, 55% crit, 215% crit damage,111% earth damage.


18-21k without buffs

20-23k with blue buff (more if it lines up with photosynthesis stacks)

22-28k with sb (if its the start of a fight can spike up to 35k)

25-30k with both sb and blue buff (if start of fight I spike up to 50k)


50 MS

Earth Build

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783AP Summoner, 200-250 ping.


Without soulburn: 20-21k DPS


With soulburn: burst to 30-40k DPS, then fall down to 23-24k DPS


In high ping, Earth Summoner has its perk for having many DoT skills that deal damage regardless of ping, which makes 8-set legendary soul shields very good to have.

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