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So Blazing Beam/Duel Dragons is useless now?


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Alright, this happened twice in the Cross Server dungeon. For some reason people in Desolate Tomb and Naryu Foundry are calling me a noob for using Blazing Beam instead of the boost Dragonchar. So I want to know, when did this become the new meta? And how in God's name do they suspect that you can keep the focus up? It costs 3 focus to even use the skill in the first place, so how do you expect me to use it? Unless I'm missing something and FMs have a natural Focus Recovery skill asides Short Fuse and Blazing Palm, that isn't on a 30 second CD like Frost Sheath. 


Someone explain this new Meta, and make a thread about how to spec such a build. Because if this is the new end game build, everyone should know about it.

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It's only usable with soul burn as it costs only 1 focus 

You basically only have to use short fuse then spam 2 till soul burn is over

And when it's not on soul burn you use lmb+fire fury+fire blaze+1 which also shortens your meteor shower's cool down to 28 seconds



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Since the change of awakened skills as FM you should use dragonchar always when a WL is in the group. Awakened dual dragon is no more, now it's awakened dragonchar/beam/ice rain and dragonchar is much much stronger than beam. Without soulburn dragonchar might be weaker and has higher focus costs but it is no big deal. The damage with soulburn beats beam by far. Because of this FMs can deal >100k dps even on single enemies during soulburn. You wont do that with beam.


Not all people know that so some still use beam but I never saw anyone blaiming a FM for that.

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With 3pc MSP soulshields, while focus sustains, Dragonchar is a dps gain over Fire Fury + Dragonblaze + Meteor cd.


Sustain focus with weapon procs, Short Fuse (questionable for DPS purposes, but worth noting since most of us use it anyway), and switching to FF/DB at low focus.



Other than that, nothing really changes - use Fire rotation  (Fire Fury + Dragonblaze) if you don't have 3pc MSP, or when your run low on focus if you do (or if you just want single target), otherwise, use Dragonchar like Blazing Beam.



Also some specific case situations:


Dragonchar removes party members Freeze status... that's right, you can fix it when everyone else in your party fails to iframe the mass freeze against Jang Ghibu... 


Standing in the lava against Lavabiter can be an entirely sustainable situation with HM Dragonchar and Frost Orbits...


If you have a Warlock and you aren't using Dragonchar against Fire Stomper, your party could get mad...


Having Dragonchar to clear the trash in Foundry can help speed things along, if you aren't taxing past everything.


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Pretty much what they said.
FM "meta" is Dragonchar (If you have a Lock in the group)
Personally I run beam alot and sometimes I'll ignore the lock in lower dungeons but certain dungs (with a lock) you want to run char. The focus management isn't so bad as you can fill that in with Frost palm/DragonFrost in between your rotation.

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Where do people come up with this stuff?  Would you like to provide some sort of proof or something? Because...

Dragonchar spec sees higher DoT damage output - that alone makes it far better for high ping players.


If you're using HM Dragonchar well then also...

 - Dragonchar spec ani-cancels less than BB

 - Dragonchar spec casts fewer spells over the course of a fight


All of these things are better for playing at high ping, so yeah... where are you coming up with this idea that BB is better at high ping?

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