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Disconnected from server/crash on loading screen


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First i would like to say that this game is really amazing!! Good job devs! Combat is just beyond other MMO's. but... I recomended this game to a lot of friends, but more than half of us can't play game due to Disconnects/crashed. Well now we can play it since i found out what is causing this "bugs" they are not really bugs just the game is BAD optimised when it gets to connection with server and loading screens.

First i would like to talk about loading screen bug. I spend tenths of hours trying to make this game work on low pc (recommended level on can i run it). First I will tell you what i think is causing the disconnect to happen.

If you go near the loading point the game will load the next area 20% faster (tested on more PCs with different hardware) and NEVER there will be a disconnect and/or crash or game freeze. That means that loading screen is writen very badly or you just used way to big pictures/animations.

 loading screen is made out of 4layers (i guess), a background picture, a transparent hint picture, loading animation (something that lagz like hell and has tail) and the loading bar. So why not make a Settings option to turn of all this images and animations if you know it is causing crashes and increasing loading times? You lost thousants of players just becouse they could not play the game and you shold make it possible for low end pcs to kill this loading screen somehow. If you don't belive i'm right please just do some tests on low end pcs and you will see it is true.

This is not all. ther is another "bug" related to loading screen (possibly to entire game). And that is memory leak. It is happening just on few PCs tested so far. Memory usage goes skylike on loading screens and reducing overall FPS and increasing loading times. But we can fix this on client side easy by using CleanMem on every 10min (windows event). The FPS get bigger, loading times get lower... I don't know how this program works, but it does it's magic, especialy on very big maps to load. I know it is probably unloading the maps we were in them before and when we go back it probably takes more time to load, but still it saves your game from lagging and crashing. After using this i got from 2-3GB ram usage to max of 1GB. This is a game bug that you should fix... or add a Settings button that would unload all the things game don't need before the loading screen.

This two things must be related somehow... just by using CleanMem disconnect/crashed on loading (sprinting in loading point) causes way less crashes/disconnects.

Next one is game freezing, but just on LONG loading screens. Since somehow game freeze during loading (white screen) games crashes... but just because of bug in game (not windows). If you pay a good attention to the loading screen and wait for white flickre u have about 3s to click wait for program to respond (i guess game has 3s timer to put u back in loading if something fails, all other games/programs on this planet don't do this). 

But... even if you click Wait for a program to respond you get crash. This time it is not a bug in game but it is a Windows setting at how much time it stops to wait for program to respond and it just kills the task, so you PC is not perma frozen on this app and needs restart. WE can fix this in very easy way, we just set the windows respond time to higher number (link to tutorial)

And wooolaa you can play your game even if your loading needs 10min.

Next thing is very common on this forum so i will not talk much about it. It is mostly caused by unstable internet connection or wifi. I think the game has very little tolerance to unstable connection (even tho u can play LoL with 50 ping for 5years and no problem). Using the WTFast solves this problem. But hey Devs, this is a bug and you should fix it not just give link to third party softwere and think that is becouse people play on wifi or download while gaming, our connections are stable for all other games (exept mb tera). This happends probably becouse of gamegard (do they even update this? it looks the same as 15y ago playing KalOnline)

Oh.. one more thing. Not pressing a key or moving a mouse causes way less crashed on loading screens... WTBug?

Don't take this like i hate the Devs or i think they can't do their job. Mybe u just never looked at it from the right angel, or just guys don't have low end pc to test it (u can take my :P) I think you guys are amazing!

I would be very happy if i get some answers from Devs saying we will take a look at it and fix/update. We could really use that hide the animation/picture while loading or just lower the quality (on 20% different loading times i would say you used 4K pictures and animation made in AUTOcad)

I'm also lookin forward for a response from players, what you guys think about what i wrote? do you have same problems? Did i help you?

Looking forward for replays!

Thank You, PMGmici

ps: 6 of my friends quit the game coz of this bugs :( can't get them back

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