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True Oathbreaker Breakthrough Wrong Price

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These days, my girlfriend was evolving her acessories, then we found something wierd: The price cost of the breakthrough from True Oathbreaker.

First, she evolved her Bracelet. The cost was 7g and 90s. Then, when she was going to do the breakthrough of her ring, she told me it was costing 20g.

Then, i saw each other acessories and all of them have this high price.


Let me explain why this seems a weird price with the costs of the other levels of evolution:

Awakened Oathbreaker Ring Evolution: 13g.

Awakened Oathbreaker Ring Breakthrough: 6g 40s.

True Oathbreaker Ring Evolution: 23g.

True Oathbreaker Ring Breakthrough: 20g.

Awakened Yeti Ring Evolution: 31g.

Awakened Yeti Ring Breakthrough: 10g.


The price of True Oathbreaker Ring Breakthrough just don't fit.

When we compare to bracelet, the True Oathbreaker Bracelet Breakthrough (7g 90s) seems the right price NC wants, but seems that they forgot to change it from other acessories.

Can you please fix this?


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53 minutes ago, Emiile said:

How low can NCsoft reduce the price of stuff until its enough???

I think you didn't understand or read the post.

I'm not asking them to lower the price of acessory evolution, I'm asking them to FIX it.

As you can see, True Oathbreaker Breakthrough is much more expensive then Awakened Yeti Breakthrough.

This seems really wrong. Even because we have True Oathbreaker Bracelet Breakthrough that has a lower breakthrough price...


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Its case of Apples vs Green Apples...

Ring/Necklace/Earring  and Bracelet/Belt have slightly different upgrade costs. Bracelet/belt are a tad cheaper early on. Might be because you get these slots last?

/shrug I dunno but noticed it when upgrading accessories on my Warlock

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Actually, only 'til awakened oathbreaker they have different costs.

True Oathbreaker Belt Breakthrough have the same cost from ring/necklace/earring. Why only Bracelet have a different cost?

And why is this True Oathbreaker breakthroughs cost higher then Awakened Yeti/Awakened Scorpio/Awakened Python Breakthroughs?


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