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can you pls give us party buff?


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I started to play sf and I really enjoy the class, but lately im more and more ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed, because we are the only class that has no party buff or party resist. I did not care about this before because i always found a group for my daily quests. Even thought i could hardly find 4-man group for Desolate tomb, i could do at least 6-man without problem. But since Naryu Foundry release, i cant get even into 6-man pary just because 'my class is useless' or 'you dont have any party protect' atc. The class is SoulFighter so can you tell me why are we the only class that has nothing? And why assassins got blue buff even thought we are more fitting to have it? We dont even have the same stats on Z and it is only self buff which make us max equal in terms of dps to other clases.

I understand that i have low chance to find 4-man group (but it does not matter since 4-man will be removed in future) but if i cant find even 6-man becaus of my class, there is definitely something wrong (and im not talking about 1 kick or 2 from group).

Just something to thing about.

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you mean movement speed for 5 sec every 30s?

Yeah that is a BIG bonus and very useful in dungeons.

And you are right, we have party heal, but sumonner has stronger and dont need any conditions (3 golden dragons like SF), on top of that sumonnter has party stealth, root, projectil resist for group etc..

Remind me, what class do you play?

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21 hours ago, SuMMasteR said:

they cant it :D because you have party healing + movement speed increase buff.

Like Lissarra mentioned, sumonner has better heal and other features on top of that. So for party sf is rly useless, until this is a relatively weak party so SF has top damage. But for most of us its most likely not the case.

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35 minutes ago, Duriensbane said:

As stated in a different thread, SF also has a party res. SF damage is respectable, along with having heal. Thus you are fine.



And now tell me what is the cd of SF res.

Btw it is nice how ppl are saying that SF is good with heals and res and whatever on forums, but when it comes to reality, most ppl are kicking SF from their parties. So tell me, what are their reasons if SF is so important?

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The party rez in practice is useless. In normal play, it's questionable to ever use it to pick up only one or two people. All the while a summoner doesn't have to think twice about having the cat res while he continues dpsing without interruption. As far as dps, I see more summoners on the MPS meters than SFs. As is, I don't know why anyone would actively want a SF in their party when a Summoner does everything an SF does better while having more utility on top.

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18 hours ago, Skyhaven said:

for those of u who say sf is useful, what liars. they are probably not even playing the class, if u play the class u will see the heal and res are worthless and the z is not even worth talking about. ill explain why to all of u ppls who dont play the class but act like they know how it works. It annoys me to see even ppl who play sf say the dps is great, no bloody way, onli in korea server will u have good dps because of the updates and skill changes. right now no way are u a good tier dps, no ani-cancel on f, no awakened dragonfist. Top tier dps in NA? dont joke around and give false hope. I have played this class since it was released on NA, i have been there since the awakended changes from F to RMB.  had a guy in another thread kept mentioning how good dps SF is, i couldnt even be bothered with him, dmg parses have been done on both ice and earth builds and it will nvr match other classes right now because honestly many of SF skill scaling for the most useful skills such as rmb, have terrible scaling, look at bns tree if u dont believe me. here's a break down.


Ur heal is gonna be the left tree for pve and the right for pvp. left because of the shorter cd, and also actually with 3 golden dragon heals more instantly. The heal is essentially the same as a summoners one. Does exactly the same thing, the summoner one heals more over time. 60 compared to 50% overall. Both heal onli 10% for the user. the only difference is the hm skill which with 3 stacks of golden dragon heals for 40% more instantly. so it becomes 50% instants heal with additional 40% over time similiar to HoT. so without hm skill its pretty much weaker than summoner as it heals less and has the same cd. U need to spend more resources to get a better useful skill, worth? summoner doesnt even need to get hm unlock, 3 point right hand spec, done. for the above person who mentioned movement speed boost in dungeons, sir are u joking? movement speed doesnt make u invincible or uncatchable, have u tried running the gauntlet in desolate tomb? tell me how useful is 60% movement speed boost in running that 3 pull automatons? it is onli useful when sum1 in ur pt is downed in chi state then u can make them "swim" to u, honestly  lbm z and sin lotus, fm grab are much more useful in that instance. 


Res is worthless in late game dungeons, when ppl die it is usually a wipe, or instant aoe where u cant dodge. 10min cd same as summoner, sure u dont have to die but its practically the same as the summoner res onli a tiny bit betta and u can mostly use it onli once per dungeon anyways. although it says instant cast, there is a 1.5 second cast time in which being interrupted screws it up, u might say u use ur c be4 u cast but wouldn't u be using one of ur main fall back iframes?. summoner cat res cant be interrupted ~.~ . both res have good and bad points, but mostly res is useless in the later raids. 


Z focus chi, is 20% bonus to crit and crit dmg, u need 3 golden dragon for the bonus 30% crit dmg and u need another skill point into it. Worth? most likely not, no1 bothers skilling 4 points into z anyways. Cd is 1 min, and onli works on urself. U look at fighting spirit for both sin and kfm both instant boost crit 40% and 50% crit dmg and additional bonuses to their other skills, not only that it is on a 1min 30 secs cd with the same buff working again after 30 secs intervals, and applies to all party members. in this factor u already lose out. sure it gives instant 5 levels of chi but that onli allows u to use V once, which is either froststorm or king fist. 


DPS breakdown is this, ur 2 does pretty much no dmg, ur F (breeze kick ) followup does average dmg unless u have the badge even then its onli mid-upper damage for an f skill with a 6 secs cd based on lightning fist. F iron shoulder unless u have 8 piece midnight plains SS, dont even talk about the dmg, it doesnt even hit nowhere near 1 bm dragontongue enuff said + it onli lets use use upon 10 stacks of energy which is at least 5 rmb or 1 breeze kick for badge. Rmb is the most used move but has average dmg and the scaling is terrible compared to other classes rmb or their corresponding main button spam.  at 790+ ap u barely break the 10k crit barrier with rmb at max gear. Sin, BM, Destro, Summoner all are critting 17k+ with their rmb with the same ap and gear.  ur ranged rmb does slightly less dmg compared to other ranged classes main skills, also that ur rmb cost 1 focus more than other classes moves.  Dragonfist- doesnt need explanation it is a crap dmged filler during V until we get the korean update.

Awakended rmb,  THIS CLASS IS THE ONLI ONE WHERE THE DMG SCALING GOES DOWN ONCE SOULBURNED.  SURE IT LETS USE F MORE BUT MOST OF THE TIME UR HITTING WITH RMB, AND REMEMBER, IT DOES LEFT PUNCH THEN RIGHT PUNCH THEN LEFT PUNCH AGAIN, IT ROTATES EVERYTIME U USE, U ONLI GET TO USE F AND 1 INNER CHI STACK ON LEFT PUNCH NOT RIGHT PUNCH. so once every 2hits will let u use f and stack 1 inner chi, its at max boost, but that mostly the same as other classes eg destro, bm, lbm, etc.... even the smallest scaling awakended skill is destro at x1.75 times increased dmg compared to the normal skill. btw if u have noticed stage 3 and 4 rmb doesnt matter which one u skill, it does the same dmg. if u think about the late game for me, eg at 800+ ap there is a difference of over 1.1k dmg between the two skills noncrit, therefore if i spec stage 3 im losing dps during soulburn while stage 4 im gaining dps. like WTH, it does 3.3k dmg either way in awakended form.....


Although there are alot of things that need buffing, the onli two good things about this class is the beam cannon and the fact that u have lots of cc or skills that spec into cc. 

Beam cannon is good because it ticks 3x during restrains, compared to other classes which is 2 ticks per click. YES U HEARD ME! 3 TICKS VS 2 TICKS. although it doesnt say on the description if u use it it ticks 3x every click therefore ur dmg is higher, i have played almost every class to 50 and have tried all restrain moves, so i know clearly the distinction. 

Lots of cc because, 1-freeze,stun  2-stun,knockup(ranged onli), 3-kd,knockup, daze, stun, knockback+kd  4-stun/double stun, V-freeze Rmb-Freeze. all are possible specs for cc while sum have to be in ranged form of course.


One of the key points in which u notice ur dmg is lacking is in the late game once u hit 50 and aim for endgame gear, the dps gap u will see will become more obvious. with the same gear and stats, u will see the large differences in dmg. 800ap class hitting for 10k crits compared to another class 800ap hitting for 17k-20k+. btw, didnt compare earth build onli considered ice build, unless its pvp, dont ever go earth even with the badge. it looks like it hits harder, but it actually doesnt, it works well when ur below 50 but after 50 dont bother. 


This class looks fun below 50 and it is, but after 50 when dps matters, dont cry when u see ur lacking compared to ppl of the same gear. lol

This I have played this character for a long, long time and clearly define this difference is game changing. I keep msging support to see if they would buff this class, response was "please put it all suggestions in forums", we can all guess what that means  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)





well idk about u but i hit 12k RMB at 740 ap...u sure u`r not using yeti ss or sth?

oh and btw. i usually outdps most ppl with same / a bit higher ap then me in 4 man ptys

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17 hours ago, Skyhaven said:

ive even tested ur rmb at the same crit dmg and crit rate as before can onli hit for 10k tops at 740ap so i dont know where u got 12k from unless u hacked the game or are using earth build rmb.

I'm hitting for 10k with much less ap/crit damage than that.


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