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Almost all possible errors when trying to open nclauncher?


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Hello there, it somehow sad that first topic i'm gonna add to this forum is about bugs, but whatever.

I'm windows 10 64bit user, 

So, everything was okay for 2 days, game was working nice, but sometimes i couldn't open it without trying again for like 3 times, and then it was all right again. (I had errors E01005, E01008 and E02009 mostly)

But yesterday, when i tried to play Blade and Soul, i couldn't get through these errors. (ex. error reading initalization file, more E0[...] errors) I tried reinstalling, downloading nclauncher from others, tried downloading game folders, i even reinstalled windows 10, flushed dns, turned off firewall...

I have newest game client.

When I'm downloading NC-Launcher Setup tho it's unbelievably slow, i have to pause and resume it untill it's done. 

Same with AION, well, ALL NCSOFT games.

I'm so done, I knew it that NCLauncher is just one big mistake but please...

No, i couldn't find help in internet. I did everything i found. And still nothing.



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