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Summoner's C and V damage bugs

Alysha Hawkeye

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Summoner C skills (Strike and Clawnado) and V skills (Anklebiter, Surprise Gift, Bomb Away!) are bugged: instead of calculating the damage dealth based on Summoner's AP, they are based on the Cat's AP instead.


Cat's AP is very weak compared to Summoner's, even with the Alley Cat passive, leading to the significant decrease in damage of these skills. Especially, the two skills Clawnado and Bomb Away, which have long cooldown and are supposed to be pure and strong damage dealing skills, get hurt the most.


For example.


In-game Bomb Away! with the Summoner's at 748 AP




BnSTree shows that Bomb Away is supposed to have x15 damage modifier, so a simple math of 745x15 = 11200, which is around this:




Now, let compare Bomb Away's damage when we apply the cat's AP, which is around 448. The in-game and Cat AP's ones deal pretty similar damage





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I just checked my skills again.


All skills that are related to having the cat dealing damage uses the cat's AP instead of Summoner's AP.


-Power Pounce


-Hammer Strike



-Surprise Gift

-Bomb Away!


Since these skills use the cat's stats, there are also a good chance that they also use other stats like cat's critical rate, critical damage, which are all abysmal low since all Summoner uses House Cat passive to boost their cat's survival. You rarely see it critical, and even if it does, it deals barely any damage.


In short, this is a bug that renders uncommon-but-still-good-for-extra-damage skills of Summoner into something useless-and-unnoticeable-damage.

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