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BladeDancer ThreatSkills

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Please give Blade Dancer threat skills. It would give them more purpose and usefulness in dungeons along with their grab and group iframe. At least put a second option to some skills to add threat to it or not like how Blade Master has it. There is blade dancers who tank blackwyrm  as well as other bosses and would benefit from this too. They are the Lyn blade master and makes sense to have some threat skills to them.

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1 of the 2 classes capable of allowing ppl to use their restraint skill and a party iframe pretty good damage and u still want more?

i dunno but just like u BD players i see in game always want something more

u guys have alot yet u just keep wanting more

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All nice opinions. It's okay if you disagree. Dpsing for me along with grab isn't too bad and I think I would hold agro with threat skills. I also thing other BD would be able to achieve tanking as well and would enjoy it. It is true that holding agro could be hard for bd since even good bm can have agro taken by a high dps wl/fm. Also I don't think adding threat would be an individual advantage but more of a team advantage. I also thing every class a lot going for them not just bd.

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