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Frequent fps hanging regardless of location


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So I've been having frame drop issues with BnS ever since the Zaiwei ruins patch, but I haven't really put enough time in to the game to look for a fix until now. Basically, my game will run anywhere from 75-85fps normally, however it tends to drop 15fps for a second or so every two to three seconds. As you can imagine this is very jarring and tends to royally bork my gameplay. I've tried fiddling with all kinds of graphics settings and various forum fixes like increasing the game's RAM priority and changing the affinity of the game/hackshield to use different core, of course I always keep my graphic drivers up to date as well. These things help some, but are by no means a solid and lasting solution. I will post /puushes of my various pc specs below. Maybe someone can help me out, eh?
CPU - 0f8ed614b2.png
Caches - b6dea26981.png
MB - 96b332acdf.png
RAM - c1a403dcd3.png
SPD slot 1 - e9d7943aac.png
SPD slot 3 - 79810183c3.png
Graphics - c541a7b65d.png
Clocks - 2604036634.png (I am not overclocking because I'm not really familiar with the process)
If anyone needs more info in order to help me sort this issue out I will find it.

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