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Soul Shields

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5 minutes ago, werat said:

I was looking for a tutorial or information on what soul shields can fuse with which soul shields. Anyone know of any? I've gotten to the point where it seems like nothing can fuse with what I have been getting.

now you can only use primer soul shield to fuse, primers can only be crafted or bought in the Auction House.

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Tip: There's only 3 shield primers you should bother crafting unless you're going for the crafting achievements. The first is Critical, this will be the shield you make the most of because for PvE, critical is king for every class(AP is worthless if you have subpar critical). The second is Accuracy, you'll want this one when you're just starting to collect gear at 50 when your shields may not have the best rolls or set bonuses. You need 120% accuracy for Sogun's Lament and Mushin's Tower F9-15 and again, shields don't always give the best natural rolls so you can fuse them to balance things out. The third is Reflex, this provides you with Critical Defense, a PvP stat. I don't know if it's still relevant in 6v6 with the introduction of the new soul BUT it is still useful for climbing Tower of Infinity. Even throwing together a hodgepodge of shields and infusing critical defense on them makes a huge difference compared to wearing no critical defense at all.

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Well kinda disagree, you dont have to craft accuracy soul shield, if you upgrade your accessories you have enough accuracy even with bad roll.


And in PvP (Whale fiesta) 6v6 you need crit defense but also piercing.

I would say focus on crit, crit def and piercing.


Accuracy is really no need to fuse wasted of time and money and mats

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