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New to Blade and Soul and need help.


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Although Blade Masters are great alrounders and do not lack in any single department, just like Kung Fu Masters I don't think they are especially new player friendly as they require some combo and reactive play and an understanding of their two (three) stances.


If you want to have a more straightforward class to explore the game with, destroyer as melee and forcemaster as ranged will fare well enough, with the forcemaster dealing more damage and the destroyer being more sturdy.


As a starter, warlocks probably will be of the same advantages as a forcemaster. Summoners will provide an easy way through the game, but maybe too easy to learn about the game much until youa re in high levels.


Soul Fighter is probably also not a good starter class, as they are very ping reliant and can be complex.


However, overall the game will be easy to get into on any class, because the general difficulty is really not very high until you reach level 40+.

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