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Main campaign quest bugged, cannot advance item missing

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I've returned to this game after a long while, my character was still at level 45.

Now I've found myself unable to go any further because I'm missing a quest item from the storyline.



Act IV: The Cost of Revenge

Chapter 1: The Road of Darkness


"Read Yura's Letter"

The problem is I have no idea where the item is, checked the quest log no item, in my inventory and storage no "Yura's Letter"

The item is just not there. Don't know what the heck happened to it (maybe could have deleted it by accident a long time ago? No clue).

I went and found Yura and she just says "Mushin is waiting for you", I can't do anything.

Anyways I can't abandon the quest because it's a storyline one, I need a GM to help me please.

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