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[QoL]Remove Dimensional Charge

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I play shadow Build and Dimensional Charge makes it feels so clunky many times.

It's there just to mess up with rotation, because we play a game that has problems with registering presses, server lag, low fps causes registering even worse, etc etc... 


You press Volley, then you held the mouse for 0.1sec than needed and fires the second attack (Charge), messing up with all your rotation.

Sure, practice makes it perfect? Kinda... Because sometimes you press T and it does not go off, then you press again twice to make sure it gonna fire but you end up firing twice.

If you do it perfectly, good for you, but I believe the vast majority has problems with this. 

I wanna play easy game? No, I play Warlock, one of the most complicated rotation in the game and I love the class.

I know NA has no power to change this and I'd really love to know Korean and go to their forum and suggest this, sadly I think such QoL would never happen.

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As much as I understand your frustrations, as it is occasionally mine, what do you propose?


Part of the problem with changing the Dimensional Volley skill is that they cannot just remove Dimensional Charge outright. This is because there's gear that influences the charge mechanic (currently in our version there's only the Primal Force Soul Badge that does this, but in KR there's other soul badges and stuff as well). So removing Dimensional Charge and just having Dimensional Salvo directly follow up on Dimensional Volley will mean that all of that gear becomes either less good, or outright useless.

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On 12/14/2016 at 10:48 PM, Dresmyr said:

If I understand OP right he is not asking that the charge mechanic get removed, but rather the middle skill does, so that essentially volley goes on a CD while salvo is charging, which would be a nice QoL change for shadow

Exactly this.

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On 12/13/2016 at 11:03 PM, raiklock said:

I wanna play easy game? No, I play Warlock, one of the most complicated rotation in the game and I love the class.

Isn't the whole charge thing what make the rotation difficult and lovable for you? Unless you are implying there are something else about Warlock that is complicated that I do not know about.

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On 13/12/2016 at 11:39 PM, Kisagii said:

Well I play warlock and the rotation is complicated? Not really. Once you know the rotation it's so easy that you'll know if you did something wrong. Tbh I never had this issue with the charge and I'm quite fine with it.

You probably have very low ping 

My ping is always at 180-200 and it is impoosible for me not to mess the rotation up by misclicking on dimensional charge because it took too long to fire dimension volly and thought i had to press it again


Shadow build cannot be played perfectly with high ping

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idk, it makes locks being locks. If you want mindless rmb spam, use either bombardment or go play different class.

Im personally using 2 ISP's now, with one i have ~80-100ms ping and with other 100-250ms and i must say that the difference between hitting salvo is small. Its only about the right rhytm for current ping.


Also, there will be badges which reduces the time between charge-salvo, so such change would mess whole content plan.


And finally, there are Leech cooldown time reduction items and there will be Leech duration increase items which makes you practilally nonstop syphoned or soulburned, which both states allows you that demanded rmb spam without any more effort.

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