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Another *possible* FPS stutter/issue fix.

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I only PvP in this game, but even so I had terribad FPS in Arena, and I would actually lose some matches because of my FPS suddenly dropping to 30.


However, I *accidentally* found a fix for this, and I just wanted to share it in hopes that it might help someone else.


Step 1: Right click your desktop.

Step 2: Click NVIDIA Control Panel

Step 3: Look for the slider with the three options Quality, Balanced, and Performance.

Step 4: Scroll to "Balanced".


I did this accidentally when I was trying to switch my colour settings.

After I did this and opened the game, I noticed that my game was a lot smoother than normal, and to test it, I turned my graphics up all to 5 with all of the effects (except Motion Blur, *cricket* Motion Blur)

and I had 90 FPS in Arena. Now, normally I have 112+ FPS max in arena, but that rises and drops frequently. I also noticed that changed as well. Instead, my FPS now stays between 70-90. With max settings.


Disclaimer 1: I'm not entirely sure this will work for everyone with FPS stutters, as they may have already enabled this option and had no success/certain people may not have success with this.


Disclaimer 2: I only play PvP, that being said, there are a lot of things to load in most environments in PvE, so even if this works for you, I wouldn't recommend running around with max settings and effects.


I hope this helps.

OH P.S: I have a 960 GTX NVIDIA GTX whatever Graphics Card, for anyone who is curious. 

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