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Question about the legendary weapons

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Why were the weapon cool down reduction and dmg modifiers switched on the baleful and seraph weapons i understand why all the effects minus the additional dmg from ap and skill resets were removed but switching the cd and modifier makes no sense........It's not like you can even make another leg weapon and skin your main leg weapon either if you wanted to.

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I guess it's safe to assume it was done just to spite us. It's obvious that the seraph skin looks better than the baleful why switch the leg stats i would've loved having the seraph sword with it's skill dmg modifier the sword looks so good that a skin isn't even necessary.


But now i have to go baleful and skin it's ugly ass and i'm sure everyone who use any class other than the wls and lightning lbds who knows what the original stats were for each weapon is a little tilted about having to go baleful to avoid losing tons of dps.


If it would've stayed the same only the wls and lightning lbds would be using baleful and everyone else would be using seraph. Now there are idiots who go seraph on other classes other than wl and lightning lbds just for the damn skin and lose dps as a result. Granted they're idiots for choosing looks over dps, but it could've been avoided completely if you would've kept the same leg stats on each skin instead of switching them for no reason at all.

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