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Will i get ban if i use wtfast?


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A VPN like WTFast does not enable anyone to gain an unfair advantage over other players. All it does is providing you with a better routing between your home and our datacenters, so in other words fixing what's your Internet Service Provider isn't doing correctly. WTFast won't help players who already have a proper internet line and it won't decrease your ping past a certain point (like if you are in Southeast Asia or Australia don't expect to get 80ms to Dallas or Frankfurt...). In some cases, using a VPN may even result in a higher latency.


For a player to get "30ms with WTFast" it means that this player is most likely leaving very close to our Datacenters to begin with.


If you suspect that someone is using illegal software to automate certain actions, please report that player through the Blade & Soul support site directly.

Forum mod write this like 2 days ago on another tread so I dont think so.

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