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So it's ok to tell people to go kill themselves ?

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"Go kill yourself" seems to be very trendy on the European server. Why are these people not banned ? Or not even fearing a ban ? Does NCWest support cyber-bullying ? Does it not understand that a human life can be at stake here? 

Just a heads-up guys. It's not okay to tell a person to go kill himself. You can go to jail for that. But apparently NCWest allows it. Or does not fight against it. Extremely unprofessional.


Source: people openly saying go kill yourself to other people without even fearing a ban. Pic for those still in disbelief. Already reported the guy at  Request #10330511 , we'll see how it goes.


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As stated in our Code of Conduct for these forums, we want to make these forums a positive environment for you to discuss Blade & Soul-related topics. Should you feel another member of the Blade & Soul Community has violated this Code of Conduct, instead of replying in kind, we ask you please report the post by using the “Report” button in our forums. Should you feel that a player violates our User Agreement ingame, please submit a ticket to our Support to report such incidents; a member of the NCSOFT team will then review it and ensure appropriate actions are taken, if necessary. For privacy reasons, no particular case will be discussed on these forums. Thank you for your understanding.

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