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So All Evolved Monsters supposed to drop Stone. But it never happens.

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sadly gunwon or CB did not give a way to farm evolved stones. however me and a few people on yehara/NA  try to spawn BBBB,( SSP is so monopolized that its a way to produce evolved stones, and moonstones with defense and offense captian badges. sadly im not a CL, i swapped for my friends :) ) sometimes rotten luck, sometimes 3 times in a row. If you want more evolved stones in the market, more channels would be aprecieated for more chances. I do the side grinding on evolved grassquatches, have not seen an evolved stone yet. but if i do, i'll let you know.


Zaiwei ruins is the fastest way to farm evolved bosses if you have a group of people who are forceing the bosses to spawn even with another one is out. also since ivory dragon scale fragments are not used anymore, the zaiwei ruins monsters drop only the orb. its sort of an incentive, but yes i need a partner for at least 1 boss cause im a kfm, qq-- i can crit with a pierce the fire and ice shields, but i cant  aoe for poop :P


Zaiwei can spawn the last boss in about 20 mins or less, so 3 times an hour if you have grind partys. sometimes its none and hour, sometimes its seven an hour, it really depends on luck, but orbs drop half the time, so you get something out of it nowadays.


To get more channels in Beastbog, you need to have alot of people in 1 channel, so theoretically, if enough people afk in beast. 2 or 3 channels will be avaliable to farm.


The origenal post may be old, but i hope evolve stones become a bit more normal someday. I use curulean and bnsacademy on discord if BBBB spawns. At least i try.

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