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Most of you may know this by now but for those who dont, since it is obvious that ncwest is following the casual path and giving the middle finger to those who invest more time and such into the game, blade and soul JP/(TW?) got a cheaper system of upgrading your weapon to the best path.

welkin stage 6 straight into Chokma stage 6(raid weapon,. those who are patient enough are advised to hold on to their gear and mats till we get that update which we obviously will. 

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Well. Good news.


With respect tho... i don't understand why it's so bad to have cheaper path ? Why someone have to get mad knowing that there would be cheaper path while they already use the older (and supposedly more expensive) path.


Is it wrong to have new player and  have this path instead of older one ? Any legit reason on why the old material cost path have to be retained ? Are you guys wants to revert back to stage 1, get refunded and then use the cheaper path ? 


Well guess we could have it soon in shape of HM soul.





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Baleful/Seraph Stage9-12 can get to EITHER Chokma S1-3 or Welkin/space-time S1-3. Chokma is a weapon path where the material dropped from a legendary 24-man dungeon (in TW the mat cost average from 5k-20k gold depending on class, the more p2w your raid is, the higher the bidding value). While welkin/space-time is another weapon path where the upgrade mat is easier to get since you can just solo farm it. In term of damage, IMO Chokma obviously overrun the other path. Welkin/space-time S6 can go into Chokma S6.

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