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offensive stat for owpvp ?

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i now have 3k crit def (full legendary pvp SS + some crit def fusion),

I wonder what stat i should boost to increase my damage output.

I heard piercing is good but i was never able to find proof of it.


anyone has some informations to share ? :)



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Instead of fusing crit defense to your legendary soul shields fuse piercing. If you use 3 challengers as well this will help you. With piercing you should be able to eat the opponents hp no matter how much crit def they have as long as you have 3k+ piercing.

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The Elder soulshields , the pets and the belts alone boost the defense value of your opponents to 3000+.

Skills like KFM counter or DES spin can boost it further.

Galaxy buff proc will boost it by 10000 (!).


So everyone is running around with around 50% damage reduction, at 100k-170k HP.


I think now it should be sort of obvious why you would want to fuse pierce, especially since the soulshields do not have it as an inherent stat.

3k+ pierce is a good starting point, but unlike with crit def you need not stop there.

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