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Its time you decide... Fix the freakin system error or shut down the servers

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I think its about time you decide what you gona do.

Yesterday I got system error twice while trying to enter  Cold Storage, and today this is my third time relaunching game cuz it crashes at entering Blackram Supply

Not to mention that few days ago I had to do Blackram Narrows solo cuz it crashed 5 times on f8. And I also dont remeber when I did any instance w/o someone crashing at start.

This is isnt just a problem anymore. This means this game isnt playable and you either do smth or shut down the servers!

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49 minutes ago, Backstabpuss said:


I got I5 with 4 gb RAM. If you cant think of smth smarter dont hurt your fingers typing bullshit.

i bet with 32-bit os so 3gb usable which means its your toaster's fault

If you cant ask for help dont hurt your fingers typing bullshit threads

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