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unable to find nclauncher.exe after clean isntall


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On 11/24/2016 at 8:14 PM, Tetoraa said:

i triedto reinstall the game completely and now it cant even find translated  searchign for NCLauncher .exeIMe8Xz0.png the patcher o.o

issue resolved by first downloading the launcher trough downloadign aion 

This means the NCLauncher isn't bundled with BnS like it should be, you can't play the game without that thus they need to fix their download of BnS, I wanted to come back after quitting a long time ago but to run into this issue that shouldn't even be happening, it's really pathetic.


Did the same thing as you, got the NC Launcher to install then canceled the install of Aion, I shouldn't have to do that.


Why is it that the BnS lite installer is 217MB but doesn't include the NCLauncher when the Aion Installer is only 4.7MB and includes it I will never understand.

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