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So how many of you have leeched Sogun's or Nexus?

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I honestly want to know. This goes for low AP players who want to get "rich" somehow or ruin someones day. Because I personally can't do it. I know it's a game but I feel bad for joining these dungeons when I'm not really ready AP wise (or haven't checked YouTube for guide). And I also believe it's not efficient to leech these dungeons because it could take a pretty long time to finally find a good group from LFP (who literally carry your ass). Just interesting to hear your thoughts on this matter.

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Not one of them since I always try to get as geared as I can before trying them in case I get a terrible group that would only be made worse by my terrible gear. I will also avoid a dungeon if I'm not confident that I know the dungeon like the back of my hand.


As one of the players who has to carry those leeching... at least look up the cricketing mechanics before you set foot anywhere near them, or speak up if you need things explained, that includes Shattered Masts. I spent 3 hours on my main trying to do just Nexus and Masts and ended up carrying both successful runs because no one apparently had the decency to read directions or google a guide beforehand. I don't mind carrying someone but when you completely ignore the most simple directions given to win the fight and not die, I will just leave or rage at you.


One person in my 3rd attempt at a Nexus run had never been there, had like 400 ap and 0 Naryu Coins so he couldn't even grab the Dragonsblood, so he'd die and sit there being useless the whole Be Ido fight and actually convinced another player the run was doomed and left mid fight... ended up 3manning him basically. -_- 2 wipes before this successful kill, both were caused by the WL just sitting back at max range so I (summoner has to be close enough to hit with our thornstrike 2) as the drill lure, could not get targetted by the drills... wouldn't respond to anything and just sat there using Soul Burn whenever it was up. -_-


I shouldn't need to mention Drill Sergeant since we all know how that fails with people who can't read.


Managed to do both instances on my lesser geared alt flawlessly in 30 minutes or less because people knew the mechanics or knew how to read.

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