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Hello, i want to ask something that i'm pretty sure, somebody asked before, but well, here we go... I want to know if NCSoft is even thinking about open a server in Latin America, so people can move to that server and enjoy the game with less ping like other people do, i'm pretty sure that the high ping dosen't help in almost every class in this game, but like a KFM i know a few classes have more problems with ping than others like Warlock or maybe FM, so i was thinking that a latin server can help us a lot in order to enjoy this game like every player in NA or EU with low ping.
And one more thing, i know i'm too far away from the server, but i have a net, with 170 ms ping with the server, but in game the ms is really high, like 260-290 ms, what's the problem here? there is a way to get less ms in game?
Thanks a lot, and please give me your opinion about this.

(And i'm really sorry for my bad english i hope you can understand me)

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The chance of getting them to open more servers for BnS is very slim now. When BnS first released there used to be 8 servers for NA and 8 servers for EU if I recall correctly. Now there is only two servers for good reasons. There is just not enough player base to justify keeping more servers then what is needed.


The truth is not everyone is going to be happy about their choice of server location. Look at the gamers who lives in Australia they tend to draw the short end of the stick all the time. Mostly cause of the game they chosen to play only has NA or EU servers. For a "Free to Play" game it would be hard to justify having servers scattered around the world. When your current servers are not even close to be full.


You got a bigger chance of winning the Lottery OR getting hit by Lightning then having them open a new server.









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