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Midnight Skypetal Plains Legendary Soul Shield for BMs

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For you BMs out there, this is good news for you.

I recently got full set of legendary Starblade Soul Shield ( for BladeMasters ) from Midnight Skypetal Plains and this is how it looks like:



And I'd like to share you guys some things about this soul shield.

At 3 set effect, you will start to see a significant increase in your Flicker damage, especially when you're using Fire build.

You will deal 115% Flicker damage once you get 3 pieces of this soul shield.


Lets say without the soul shield 3 set effect, you deal 5000 flicker damage at 100%

With the soul shield 3 set effect, you deal 5750 flicker damage instead at 115%


At 5 set effect, that's where your DPS grows when you have 5 pieces equipped, along with slightly more health for more sustain. The 5 set effect of Starblade Soul Shield goes great with 3 set effect of either Ebondrake or Oblivion soul shield.


At 8 set full effect, your Five Point Strike skill reduces its CD to less than 10 seconds. The I-Frame Five Point Strike cool down will be reduced to 7.2 seconds from 36 seconds, while the CC Five Point Strike cool down will be reduced to 9 seconds from 45 seconds.

Also not to mention you will deal 130% Five Point Strike damage instead. Additionally, the moment you have all 8 pieces of this soul shield equipped you will get an achievement. *Hooray...*


Well good luck getting all, fellow BMs.

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