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arena and battleground beginers combo


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hello everyone 


i made those videos to help a bit the new ppl in our class

those combos are the short version of what i normaly use.

there are many different combos u can chain but i think this is enough for the very new ppl to start with.








i hope it helps u 

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On 18/11/2016 at 2:00 AM, PooHie said:

Who as an Assassin worries about killing and damage input, it's all about going in stealth and capturing points while everyone else is distracted trying to kill your teammates :^)

In beluga there 2 ways to win either get 3 horns or score 1800 by pvp=kill ppl.

In order to defend ur horn u have to kill.

U cant win by going in stealth n steal horns dear sir but whatever.

Needless in this point to mention valley right?

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