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newbee questions :p


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hi! :)

i'm very interested in the combat system of this game, looks great, but i'm a PvP player (in arenas) and i hate grinding/farming /:

so i'd like to know some few things if someone has some time to answer.. :)

- are there much people PvPing in arenas?

- is gear effective in arena PvP? (i mean, in some games the player's gear is desactivated in arena PvP)

- how long does it take to get to max level?

- I heard there's people cheating in PvP, is that true?


sorry for my bad english, i tried my best ^^'


thanks! have a good day/evening! :)

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Unless you're playing at some very strange hours you're likely always going to find people to pvp with although for the group battlegrounds people generally seem to wait for the daily prime time to queue up for bonus rewards ~


1v1 and 3v3 are gear equalized, none of your gear affects you there however you gain no extra skill points or skill unlocks besides what your character regularly has available to them. 6v6 battlegrounds and open world/faction pvp is not gear equalized  however it's possible to obtain pvp-centric gear to aid with those ~


Fairly sure no one has gotten to max level yet, and if anyone actually has it's a ridiculously insignificant amount of people.

As such, takes a while.


Cheaters are very rare nowadays as most of the readily available rewards that one can get before they're caught are untradable and punishment is harsh.

Apart from a few people potentially macroing to do specific combos you'll prolly not see anything out of the ordinary.

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thanks a lot eimi for your answers! encouraging me to play this game! ^^

though i'm not sure if i will cause of max level, when i do PvP I really want a fair fight, and possibly all my skills.. and i don't want to be leveling during whole months.


thanks for the answers tho! very kind from you :)

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For 1v1 and 3v3, it is equalized gear, but you will have to grind to level up to get enough skill points and grind either PvP or PvE for your HM skills.  I'm not sure how efficient it is to grind levels through PvPing.  It seems like you don't want to level, but being high leveled is definitely an advantage in the skill departments.


You don't necessarily have to get max level to be good in PvP.  I'd figured Lvl 50 HM 8-10 is a fair share of skill points needed for most classes.  Unfortunately, the best way to level up a character is through PvE content.  So you might have to balance gearing to help you have faster/easier dungeon runs in order to level efficiently.

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thanks a lot for you reply dualistique, but i guess i'm giving up the idea of PvP in an MMORPG..

or maybe one day a smart guy will understand that a good PvP mmorpg (with few or no grinding) would have a lot of success.. x)


anyways thanks for your replies guys! have a good time on this game :)

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Well following the game storyline wil get you to max level 50 in a few days if you do not do anything extra, which should get you good to go for your arena 1v1 and 3v3 PvP.


HM (special) skills can be relatively easy obtained through PvP, but you will need a few months to unlock all of them. There are extras skill points to be had through levelling, called hongmoon (HM) levels, and reaching those through PvP is slower than through PvE content. You will definitely be competitive, but in theory a PvE heavy player will have 3-6 skill spec points advantage over you (out of ~50-60 skill spec points).


I can gurantee that you will have a lot of PvP fun even from early on, as the matches are skill matched over an elo system. And you will definitely need months to master your class to play it well, so getting those skill points might not feel such a disadvantage anyway because you do it while getting better personally.


Just my two cents but I would recommend B&S as a PvP MMO.

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