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Why Venom Swarm?

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Hey, I'm an assassin in bns and am pretty fond of pvp. I've seen guides of assassin and have been using the popular venom swarm web build. Although it works wonders at times, I never really understood why. Most guides never explained how each ability plays a role in this set up so that's why I came here to ask. What is the purpose of venom swarm? Other than the damage I guess. I know it poisons but are there not other means to poison an enemy? That's all I was wondering, thanks in advance.

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Well my friend, it all depends to the style you wanna play.

The best part of Venom Swarm is that it has a cooldown of 18 seconds, wich allows you to use more otfen then the other ones.

I personally like Choke Bomb, since its a fast skill, ranged, that doesnt need to stop the enemy to fully damage. But its more because i'm not mainly play assassin and because of that, i'm not so good. I know more about the mechanics and builds then have fingers to play it, so Choke Bomb fits better to me.

Poison Breath is a strong damage spell that if you can hit all the stacks, you'll be able to do lots of damage with it. But again, slow spell that needs you to focus right.

Venom Swarm is better for pvp, once your enemy has higher mobility then mobs, but you can hold it into the aiir with web.

In the arena, you can only use 2 times Poison breath and Venom Swarm because you dont have much time. With Venom Swarm, you can very often do your combo.


The other ways you have to poison the enemy is with:

Venom Pierce;

Shadow Drain;

Throwing Dagger;

Landmine Form 3 Tier 2 or 3;

Acrid Star;


But all that skills just stack one poison.


Your other main source of damage is invisible, with Mist Slash > Heart Stab > Dark Strike, wich is your dark build.


You can anicancel RMB > LMB then uses sequencially F (dark strike) to deals extra damage. But in pvp, its better to get Close Shave instead of Dark Strike and just anicancel RMB > LMB.


Its a hard anicancel, but worth while.

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Venom Swarm blocks defense skills for 8 seconds, and has a 18 second cooldown. Sins don't rely on 5x poison stacks in PvP since their main rotation is just Mist Slash/Heart Stab and/or Dark Strike and Poison Breath/Plaguemist are slow, multiple hits that can easily be avoided.

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There are many reasons why to use it in pvp. 

To name a few:


-obviously you can block enemys defense skills like BM/KFM block and SIN decoy . 

-you can also bait an SS/HM block from BM's for example cause a BM really doesn't want to get hit by it . 

-it's the easiest method to stack poison while someone is webbed since you can use it while he's in the air or you can even use it before using your infiltrate since the dash is faster than venom swarm. 

-you need it mostly in a combo because without it can happen that you can't restealth with hook kick anymore since spinal tab doesn't give you a poison stack anymore . 


It has a lot of other uses but to lazy to explain all of them.


For the bm and kfm matchup you really want to use it . 

For the sin matchup it is good but especially for pveing sins poison breath is better in my opinion . 

Also for the sum matchup you want to use poison breath . 


Förderung destroyer/BD and WL its a matter of taste . 

I find myself using poison breath against those more effective because the 2 spin classes have no defense skills to break and for WL I love to use it in their sanctum . 


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