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FM HM skill broken :(


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This is a hongmoon skill, something I worked very hard to get for this very reason. 
I finally achieved my goal, got the hongmoon skill, and bam, it doesn't work  -_-; 

The skill says it recovers 5 focus per enemy hit, and it hits up to maximum of 5 consecutive enemies.
Which means at minimum, even on a solo target it should generate 5 focus, and a maximum (in ideal situations), it should generate up to 25 focus.


However, it does NONE of these things, except that it can hit up to 5 targets, but it generates only 1 focus per enemy hit, instead of 5. 


Again, i worked very hard to get this skill for pve, but yet it doesn't do what it says. 

I'm not sure if this is a new problem or not, and I know nobody really uses this skill as many would prefer the other two versions of the hm skill, but this should really be looked at and fixed. Forcemasters struggle alot with focus management and I find myself often times in pve without focus, this skill is obviously supposed to aid this problem. 



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