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So, who's idea was this?


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Okay so why is it that we're punished for crashing in the middle of an arena match? More importantly, why is it that we need a punishment for people disconnecting in the middle of a match to begin with?! Why can't we be allowed to leave in the first place?!


You have any idea how many times I DCed in the middle of a fight and got punished for it? Not only do I loose my rank, but also I have to wait in order to re-enter! What is this?! Not to also forget to mention how often I get horribly mismatched as well. Like fighting top tier players at low ranks. Ya thanks. 


Bottom line: Let us leave in the middle of a match or at least remove punishment for DCing in the middle of a match. Like honestly, so many people have undeserved rankings because of this. Not only that but the fact that the game seems to encourage waiting out the enemy seems to really be stupid as well.



So that covers one half of it. The other half involves reasons why I'd want to leave in the middle of a match: Cowardly play. Where's the fun in fighting a hit and run moron? I'm sorry but in an actual, real life duel, there is no running away.... 


In fact you'd be disgraced and dishonored and no one will ever respect you for cowardly play. Simple as that. So why does this game (which is based off of Martial Arts) seem to ENCOURAGE THE WRONG FIGHTING STYLE?! Like honestly, seeing people play out the timer all the time and winning because of it is the single dumbest thing I've ever seen. If you can't finish someone off, it means you lack the ability to win the fight, or the two are evenly matched. Hence we call the match a draw. You ever heard of that? A tie? It's the thing we call a match if there is no clear victor, not this stupid "damage tie breaker" thing. 


Besides, how unfair is that? Let's say that you're in a fight against some endless stealth sin who avoids combat in general and only goes in for lil pin pricks. Obviously you weren't able to hit him because he always runs off to the other side of the battlefield to exit combat mode and re-engage the stealth. Frustrating and stupid, but the worst part is that they'll tell you two "git good" anyway if you can't 100-0 them. (which you can't because they tab out on the first stun or use their flower). 


So here you are, having lost to some guy who's jacking off to his "win", and he's boasting how much "better" he is than you because he can do cute amounts of chip damage and avoid a full on engagement, even though he has plenty of tools to help him win. No, you lost, but he didn't use any complex skills or combos. He just poked you and watched the clock and somehow it's considered a "win" for him. I'm sure IRL if I see someone fight like that I would think "What a b!tch?!" and not "OMG he's so awesome!" 


Granted every so often you will catch this guy and once you luck out or he f*cks up, you catch the cowardly fool and teach him a long hard lesson on why you should learn how to play and not act like some sort of headless chicken. 

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I cant imagine it being any other way. 


1) The game would need a penalty for leaving early to avoid situations where you hate playing against a specific class and dodge the game. im sure you can tell how this is a bad experience for both players


2) It would be super tough for the game to determine what is a legit DC vs you closing the game down to avoid a loss. Most games like League or WoW work the exact same way.


3) Time penalty is there to avoid the temptation of dodging a game for some reason and taking a loss just to queue into someone else quicker. This makes sense, and goes along with point 1


4) Miss matching against better players, from what ive heard the max difference is 110 points, which isnt all that bad really..

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