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Pingzapper Creepy AF

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After I started using Pingzapper to reduce my in game ping, I would often get windows "error" sounds in my headphones while no errors were showing on the screen - which is creepy as *cricket*. I decided to look into my task manager and investigate what could be happening. I noticed that PZservice.exe was still running long after I closed Pingzapper. I googled PZservice.exe and turns out that this process is able to "connect to the internet, record keyboard and mouse inputs and monitor applications". Understandably, Pingzapper needs to record our mouse and keyboard inputs, transfer it to its server and then to the game server. But what business does Pingzapper have recording this information long after I have, as far as they made me think, terminated the program? And the worst thing is: I tried to manually terminate the "PZservice.exe" process in task manager and it would repeatedly restart itself. It cannot be terminated.

This is an absolute disgusting privacy policy that they monitor all your input 24/7. Thankfully, I always use virtual keyboard when typing in sensitive information, so I'm sure those creepers didn't get too many passwords and credit card information from me. I strongly advice that you people that still use Pingzapper change to another GPN service. They are recording all of your keystrokes and mouse clicks.

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