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R.I.P. Dear mouse :'( 2015-2106

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So BNS has claimed another one of my gaming mice. this time around I broke my 4 key and rmb xD


I just wanna check in if anyone else is having a wear on tear on thiere hardware due to BNS or I just have a bad habit on clicking and pressing to hard

(because obviously holding skills and pressing harder = more dps) 

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3 hours ago, Lunakitty said:

All that bugs me that since I started playing this game my mouse has consumed closer to 20 batteries. T_T

Is why i just get 1x a batteri mouse and i swore never more is so fk when you play a game and batteries die.

No i dont fk my mouse but i punche my keyboard sometimes. is more when i die for lag or in a stupid way!

Same times this game is so frustrating and normal my keyboard pay :)

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You should work on your anger issues more I guess. Ive played bns for over 2 years and Ive never had any problems with mouse or keyboard or any sort of peripherals so far (I played in china with over 300 ping, trust me, it wasnt pretty :D ). So yeah, like the other people said, you shouldnt press your buttons that hard :D (its not like your skills are gonna hit harder anyways :D)

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Dude just got for the Razer Naga mouse.


I bought mine in like 2010-2011 , cant remember and I guess it was one of the first generations of Naga mice (has 12 buttons on the side, MMO mouse)

Ofc its a wired mouse, but hands down to Razer, it works tip-top even after 6 years, wouldn't trade it for a any brand new gaming mouse

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I loss my "W" key to BNS. it was a Logitech g710+. T.T.  But now i am getting a Corsair K70 keyboard.  


I tried to play with the "W" key broken, it would occasionally come out, always during either tomb or PVP, was really annoying letting the opponent get 4/5 hits in while i try to stick the w key back on.


Anyways, anyone with Corsair k70 or know a good keyboard (that's durable) to use?  I'm looking to spend around $100

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