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Today's Hot Fix

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1. If you haven't taken the time to actually report it through a ticket so they can know about it, nothing will be fixed or looked into.

2. How about going into more detail than just saying buggy client revive crash. That's not really saying much or what you were doing when the "bug" occurred.

3. Today's Hotfix(listed below) covers the following:



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I did sent in a support ticket and did everything they told me nothing works. I keep getting the copy and paste reply - .- Like when you die for example, your character turns over half way and it crashed. but i guess i have to deal with it asking for friends to come revive which is annoying. I even can't revive while in dungeon also. Ugh sorry about my post. just ignore it. Thought they would do something to fix it lol.

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OMG.... i am having the same stupid revive crash ;( i have to do everything i can to not let myself die or else i will be stuck dead and have to ask someone to revive me...
i even get the same crash when the cat of the summoner dies , since somehow the death animation of the dying kitty is the same as the revive one... i am so sick and tired of this crash Q_Q

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13 minutes ago, SilentOne said:

do they fixed the F2 thingy with invisible legendarys/soul shield stats?

Nope, not for me (EU). F2 dont work for me...


13 minutes ago, Youmukon said:



We are currently having issues with one of our European server which is hosting the Marketplace and the Character Search (F2). Our team is currently investigating this issue. At this time we are unable to say when the situation will be back to normal but we will keep you updated as soon as we have more information.


We would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused. Thank you again for your patience as we look into this.


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6 hours ago, Grimoir said:

I assume you all tried already repair game right?

 i tried that :( 
but i always have  thought that  the problem because of my potato graphics card but seeing this post and knowing i am not the only one.. made em think.. maybe it's not my graphics card after all..


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