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I m a HM 10 WL with average 300-400 pings, i m currently using dragoncall build because of the ping. can anyone help me make a build with higher DPS? it would also be helpful if u can tell me the rotation for the build.

i m open to all suggestion and will test each build personally against my ping, thanks a bunch ^_^

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I would say Dragoncall is pretty much the ping friendliest build of the game and it's dps is quite devastating, just that it can be very inconvenient and lose a lot of dps in those bad time.


With the current Soulburn updates, Warlock is pretty much restricted to 2 builds for dungeon runs: Bombardment and Dragoncall, or Volley and Helix.

Volley and Helix is a build I would only recommend for 200ping below and at have at least Scorpion weapon and HM Mantra.


You can try Bombardment+Helix, it's ping friendly but they don't complement each other during Soulburn. This was quite popular build before Asura (HM Volley) and recent Soulburn update.

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That would be Dark Build, which I suggest you look it up or ask around cuz I will be brief here. It revolves around 4 skills

Volley is your RMB - very right tree

Helix is your 4 - right tree

Wingstorm or V - any tree your want (preferably middle for heal and dmg)

Rupture which is F - preferably right tree (for damage and V cd reduction)


The rotation and game play will probably scare or confuse you at first, also quite Focus consuming, which is why HM Mantra and Scorpion focus proc rate are strongly recommended.


Common question: Do you need HM Dragoncall and HM Bombardment/Volley for this build?

No, you do not need any HM skills to carry out the rotation. But having them will smooth out the build greatly.

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