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Option to play with similar leveled player?

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1 hour ago, Skinnyfist said:

Hello there,

Is there a way to form a party with similar leveled players for dungeons? I am fed up with rushing every run with 50 levels...

I don't want to rush to end game, ı want to experience what to game has to offer.

Just make your own party and ask for example "Only Lv. 36-45" and kick High level players.

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the issue lies with the fact there are not many players any more i hear u though if there way new players playing a option for grouping with ppl same lvl would be cool i think its faster solo lvling but lvling with ppl can be funner some one to talk to and stuf its a trip though i went to lvl a alt and to get s3 of my leg and i loled hard at world boss's that need to be farmed for whell and shit idk this was back b4 thay gave u items on new toons i rly have not wanted to lvl a alt so idk what new toons get now i think they get stuf tell like lvl 45 or 50 but not seeing players and not having ppl to talk to deff sucks man any option they can add for new player support is good in my book though ncwest seems though they kinda just used bns as a cash grab and are not going to use tw and kr methods for new players witch is a let down they stick to the same shit that failed other vr of the game ud thing they would be like oo if failed every were else maby we should change it not let the game go through the same cycle that failed in other vrs and not change it its verry friendly to lvl alts and new players in all other vrs sad day ncwest


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