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Extra Jiangshi Raiment


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Hello. I'm new to the game.

I currently own 4 Jiangshi Raiments. I've equipped one and stored another in the wardrobe. What do I do with the other 2? It seems I can't salvage it (if I get it right, you can only salvage outfits bought from the store or that have fabric in the description, right?), and I can't seem to be able to mail them to any of my other characters either.

Is there anything useful at all to do with extra outfits or should I just go ahead and sell them for 1 copper each? Seems so cheap :/


Thank you in advance :)

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1 hour ago, dualistique said:

Just sell them off to vendor :)  No real use keeping so many in your inventory/storage.

I see :/

Thank you :)

53 minutes ago, Gorango said:

one of my main issues I have with this game. its a really stupid system. I still have the chests and some outfits in my inventory, just for the hopeful one day that they make will them salvageable.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. :/
I mean, if you can't do anything other than sell the extra stuff you get, at least make it a tiny bit more profitable. :(
Especially if it's something that's a bit rarer to come across, like an outfit,

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I heard that in all other versions of this game, the costumes you get from wheels and dungeons are also able to salvage (even in the description of a few, but doesn't work).

So, yeah, maybe someday, when fabrics get to the pointe they're extra cheap, those costume may get to be salvage...

But till that happens, there are no use for extra costumes earned in game.

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