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Balance Suggestion !

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Hi everyone !

I am a summoner and as you can see iam quite disappointed with the current balance of the game. Unfortunately my favorite class got nerfed "again".

As it seems ncsoft want summoners to be support and nothing else,

But this is not the solution, just nerfing damage and TADAM now you are a support, Now SMN cannot a out-dps a Fm or Wl even if they are mess up skill rotations or just to lazy to do it properly ! Balance...


So my suggestion is if you take away are damage, compensate it with less prices !

Reduce every upgrade price and materials on summoner items even accassories by 50%. Why i have to pay the same price for less damage ! NO !

Theres no other game where "support" item cost as much like dps items ...



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I don't think I have ever seen summoner doing higher DPS than FM anyway and sometimes warlocks just had insane rotations. To be honest in my opinion the nerf wasn't that huge, I still do quite nice dps and especially in good parties I can reach way higher than I ever could prepatch. I would highly recommend trying out bees also. I am not doing more DPS in boss fights with bees than prepatch. I am a summoner and I honestly think the changes were not that huge even though every summoner on forums seems to be going berserk about them. Luckily I can have in most cases warlock with me in dungeons so I am living the bliss with the awakened sunflower/bees depending what I use.

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