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Elemental Stance only. Is it possible?


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Hello guys!


I created a SF and now i'm almost 50. I really like the Elemental Stance, since i love frost spells.

So I wanna know if its possible to have an okay/good DPS only with this stance or, at least, almost only with it.

What do you think?


Unfortunatly, LMB and RMB in elemental stance dont create a good anicancel combo, since RMB has a 0.2 cast time, but they still seems to have a good power.

I like the combo to double stun with Glacial beam, then throwing the target into the air with Displace, then casting Windstorm to maintain the airbone.

Burning tundra seems to have a good interation with LMB too, but i can't always use it. But sometimes, when i can, Burning Tundra resets and i can do a lot of damage only with them.

The biggest problem is that this stance has few options of skills to do sustained damage.


What do you think? Any suggestion?


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As it is right now, going around full range is not viable, your DPS would too low. Later when newer things come out going only range can be viable.

Currently, at 759 AP, with Baleful and both legendary accessories (and both at stg 6) plus ~242% crit damage, I can only hit ~10k per Snowball, ~17k in Burning Tundra. In comparison, I can hit ~8-10k every cobalt punch (depending if I'm behind them) and ~11-15k every breaking claw (again depending if I'm behind them).
Remember I'm using breaking claw and cobalt punch EVERY hit of combat, whereas Burning Tundra is only for 12 seconds with resets. I'm hitting 15k more frequently in melee than in range.

Later when you're level 50 and start doing those routine dailies, you will probably never lift a boss. You deny your melee teammates DPS if you lift the boss.

So for my last statement, hongmoon Snowball (which isn't out) allows Burning Tundra reset, there will be a soul shield that increases your Snowball damage by 20%.  So when these things do appear, there might be chance that range is viable, Although I personally don't know.

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mystic amulets celestial basin
"Players will obtain and exchange raid tokens and Celestial Basin points at the Celestial Basin camp vendor."

"Each successful [RB] (any Type) will reduce the cooldown of [V] (any Type) by 4 seconds."

This would make ranged damage feasible alongside self healing
Assuming one can get both resets of tundra you'd be able to keep it up constantly.
Video of it in action. I would hope this is not HM snowball that you speak of. Timestamp @ 4:57 if it doesnt auto cue.


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I used to play with elemental stance in dungeons, but recently started to use KFM stance where it is possible, because I feel like LMB+RMB+F of earth build give better DPS. Elemental stance is good when you need to heal or when boss is running around or if you can't block/iframe it's attacks in time. Problem of elemental stance that you have high enough damage only with burning tundra + LMB + RMB (so you have 2 additional casts of tundra).

On 27.10.2016 at 3:04 AM, Rashgarroth said:

I like the combo to double stun with Glacial beam, then throwing the target into the air with Displace, then casting Windstorm to maintain the airbone.

You doing it wrong, if you use this in PvE. It's PvP combo. For PvE other stage of windstorm (with improved damage and healing) is better, so you press Z and hold F, dealing very good damage and restoring your hp.

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