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Yeti/Scorpio ss ??

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2,4,8 - Scorpio

1,3,5,6,7 - Yeti


But I really wouldn't worry about a Scorpio/Yeti mix.  You will be perfectly fine with Full Yeti as long as you got a good amount of crit/accuracy on those pieces.  Once you're able to do Sundered Nexus and Sogun's Lament dungeons, that's when you'll want to focus on mixing which would be 1,2,4,6,8 Asura and 3,5,7 Be Ido or 3,5,7 Twisted Fiend.


And from there, you can replace Asura/Be Ido with the higher dungeon pieces.

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the correct answer is...DON'T GO FOR THE YETI SHIELD! ITS A TRAP!


the angler yeti is hands down the hardest fight in the game... if you get the hypothermia debuff on you and can't make it to the thrown player in time, you will be frozen in place with no way to purge the debuff, and the *cricket*ing yeti will *cricket*ing jump into the air and come crashing the *cricket* down and you use a dragonblood and lose 10% of your weapon durability. if you're stuck in the dungeon with players that don't know the fight (i can't even count how many times most of my party has ran into the shards to get frozen and some jackass is spamming RT like an idiot), he will buff himself, and you will use a dragonblood and lose 10% of your weapon durability... and don't even get me started on those damn mushrooms.


honestly... go for the twisted set. much much easier to obtain and better stats (more hp and crit).



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