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Act 2: Chapter 19 "A Mirage in the Desert" Cutscene does not trigger anymore

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New bug I noticed when leveling another alt that didn't appear before. When you enter Yehara's Mirage for the first time in this particular part of the story, you're supposed to see a cutscene of Juwol and Soha fighting and Yehara breaking them up. Lately, this cutscene doesn't seem to trigger, as when I entered the mirage the cutscene did not trigger AT ALL (as in, no black screen indicating the start of a cinematic, no escape button at the bottom right, or anything.. the cutscene straight up didn't appear and the quest progressed as if there were no cutscene there in the first place).


This is a great cutscene and I really think you guys should fix this bug.



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I saw this cutscene some days ago levelling my alt (I've also recorded it), so, if it's a bug, it's really recent. Anyway I guess randomly cutscene aren't showed; right yesterday in Nexus the cutscene after killing first stage of final boss wasn't showed.

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