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Ignored again, latest patch notes


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Straight from the patch notes to here this crap needs to stop, i don't know any destro that regularly uses  gale force.  It makes animation canceling a little less reliable yet they decide this i what we needed.



  • Awakened Wrath (LMB)
    • Awakened Wrath now deals increased damage.
    • Awakened Wrath (with Wrath Stage 2) now enables Galeforce (F) upon successful hit.
    • Awakened Wrath (with Wrath Stage 2) now reduces the cooldown of Galeforce (F) by 2 seconds upon successful hit.
  • Galeforce (F)
    • Galeforce is now enabled upon a successful hit with Repulse (RB) instead of requiring a critical.
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shadow build is  actualy rly cool with new talisman (rage wilpower one) and that update to galeforce will help alot  , you dont need to ani cancel with shadow build just, press  rb +F  and rotate Typhoon(wilpower one}>>>X (execute befor willpower goes off) then rage E and repeat ... now even with low crit rate we wont get out of focus.

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I don't think that Dest needs big buffs.

Actually, I think our class is pretty okay. The major problem is the lack of mobility while doing ani-cancel with Cleave.

I think they should make it a low aoe skill similar to RMB. It would help to walk while hitting, wich is useful to dodge from boss attacks.

The shadow build is cool, funny, but i dont really like it, since its not a good sustained dps tool like earth build.

They should work better our F (knee) too. I think its really bad to use as a Daze skill, once its animation and range are too low. The dash knee is nice, but just work against defensive targets and only works for good fps/ping people.

The last change that would be really good would be might cleave and galeforce switched to LMB. You would be able to increase a lot the dps without loosing any anicancel.


About the DPS in general for classes, i saw some people complaining about the lack of damage with grab/restrain in comparison to another classes. Well, I think that if you don't want to stay behind anyone and don't care about the others, my suggestion is to take out the restrain. But if you care about being useful and killing bosses faster, get restrain. You'll lose dps for everyone, but everyone knows that its because the grab and they'll be thankful for your sacrifice. They could enable a better damage skill? Yes, they could. Or just increase the damage from F. But if they dont, i'm still glad that i can hold bosses for my fellows to *cricket* them. =)

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On 10/26/2016 at 11:14 AM, Inzho said:

I use gale force regularly. Just farming to get a chilling flame elixir now.

Well that was quick.......since Beluga update I spend almost all my time doing 6v6. I will still chase that elixir for pve content but for the moment I am now pvp focussed. As far as skills go Destro is pretty good. 

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