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how to get numbers displayed on pt members?

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i know this player is from TW server,but can we do this in NA as well? i tried playing around with the setting but i don't seem to be able to find it.

i don't know why i erased their names,i don't think there is anything wrong with it,but just to be safe i guess.

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20 minutes ago, Grimoir said:

there is an option called show indicators on party members or something like that. You can set it to always visible and then you will see the numbers


45 minutes ago, Minity SN said:

scim through the options, u need to tick it on

ok, found it! thank you!



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If you're talking about the 1 and 2 numbers on their head, it should also be ctrl zero as the way to toggle it on and off with ctrl 1 as the boss countdown timer people use (or some people use it to indicate soulburn is coming). And then the other ctrl  + numbers should be the others markers such as bomb, skull, triangle, square, heart, etc.

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