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Returning lvl 45, what to do?

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Hi, I leveled an assassin to 45 and then stopped playing before getting involved in end game. I didn't run any of the max level dungeons etc. Now that the cap is increased, what should I do? Do I just quest up to 50 or do I need to do the 45 purple dungeons etc? I am kind of lost :(



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I currently have the Awakened Infernal Dagger stage 10, Profane Shield set, Awakened Infernal Necklace, Ring and Earrings (some mot maxed) I am sitting in Misty woods. I am assuming that Chapter 1: The Road to Darkness is the new story quest correct?  I do want to play casually, and if I have to still do the 45 grind and THEN the 50 grind I won't be considering end game as an option since as I recall, the original 45 grind was a turn off to begin with. I am hoping I can bypass 45 and move straight to 50 through questing an not be punished for it.


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Yes you can bypass it since your weapon is still at infernal stage. After upgrading it to true profane, you can move on to 50 silverfrost content.


If you want to upgrade your accessories then you would have to go through all the 45 grind. But usually players turned off by it would come back later when level 50+ with better weapon.

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  • Do lvl 45 purple dungeons (u dont need to do Naryu lab since the difficulty is high and rewards are low)
  • your stats are not enough for lvl 50
  • get the full set of Bloodshade SS or a combination between Bloodshade SS and Poharan SS for now
  • get your weapon up to true profane and overall attack power around 380
  • the continue to lvl 50 content
  • in silverfrost you can lvl up by just doing main story quests


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Actually you can use the weapon you get from the story quest until you have upgraded your weapon to Profane.
If you do the story in Silverfrost you will get a few gold which will then allow you to upgrade to at least Oathbreaker weapon easily.


For necklace and bracelet you can also use the ones you get from the story quest until you get to a decent upgrade.


If you can enter Labyrinth, do a few runs for the Soulshield. Else use Bloodshade/Supply/Moonwater Hero. Profane is ok for the story but you will need something better to start running lvl 50 dungeons.


You will have to do at least some of the lvl45 dungeons eventually to get accessories for upgrades but you can wait until you are lvl 50. If you already have Siren/Pirate emblems, just buy the stuff.


At level 50 each day there are 5 "daily challenge" quests where you get a reward if you do 4 of them. While you usually can't do that as a fresh lvl 50 the good thing is that each of the 3 heroic lvl 45 dungeons is part of the rotation. On that day you will get parties for the dungeons all day and most ppl are vastly overgeared so runs are also fast and nobody will need the accessories/soulshields.


When you finish the story, you will probably be HM4 or 5 and have about 30 gold you can spend on upgrades. Get your Weapon to Oathbreaker.
If you still have faction insignia, run blue Ebondrake Hideout for the Chromatic weapon and Refining Stones as you'll meed much fewer materials to upgrade your weapon further.


Also run Tower of Memories event every day with every character you have. It will only be available for 2 more days but the rewards will help you a lot.

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