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Which is the last server and how many users are playing now ?

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Since the servers were pooled (more or less merged into 6 servers per region) no new server has been created and the pools are usually a mix of old and new so basically all servers can be considered the same age in that regard.


1v1 Arena is much less populated than before. So much that gold rank is where you will already meet really good PvPers. Many players and most bots left the arena.

3v3 is full of afk farmers so unless you have a fixed team of 3, don't consider that mode.
6v6 is not dead yet but close. It had a short revival during the last event as rewards were really good but now it's back to a few overgeared ppl. Main problem is that owPvP is almost nonexistant so most ppl don't have pvp gear for 6v6 and the rewards are not worth the trouble for most. Maybe the next patch will revive it a bit as it introduces new pvp gear.

owPvP is broken since most ppl just want to farm SSP for Moonstones and competition lowers the amount of MS for everyone. So on every server(pool) one faction has at least 2/3 of the players and the majority of players who do faction content are in the same faction - most just ignore faction content and farm dungeons instead.

On some servers there is still some pvp on the weekend when there are more ppl in SSP than one channel can hold but most of it is the weaker faction going guerilla to steal prestige points after the dominant faction killed some bosses.

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