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Sf needs advices vs fm and sin


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Hi guys, started pvp with sf and i need some advices! Sadly i dont't have any hm skill yet and this is a big problem for sf.

i'm quite a noob, as soon as i'm about 1500-1550 i'm start loosing. However i doesn't care that much about the ladder, at least for now.
My ping goes from 150 to 180 ms more or less with some bad spikes occasionaly.
That said, my biggest issues are certain classes, sin and fm in particular.


Vs FMs: i've literally no idea how to deal with them without hm block. Always either chilled or frozed, whenever i got free with q/s or ss they chill me again just pressing rmb! 
Approach skill (2) always blocked, there's no way to reach them. Some say to use ripple punch and whirlwind and stay at distance but they obviously outdps me that way.
i die just under lmb rmb spam


Vs SINs: God... You can't even possibly imagine how much i hate this class. I prefer ten thousand times fighting summoners rather than them.
I wonder why this class even exists! if there was an insta loss button i'd use it everytime.
Match start: 
They go stealth and tab teleport (always), i turn 180° and knock them out with 4. If they evade cause of stealth i got comboed
They throws at me shuriken or whatever is called. I try predict their teleport turning 180° and block but most of the time it doesnt work and i got comboed again.
They block: Usually i spec tier 3 howling blast but it has 30 sec cd. If can't use it i don't raise to the bait but they teleport behind me just by pressing a button and combo me again.

I really don't  know what to do. I've tried level a sin to understand better the class but i deleted it after a while either i don't have so much time and the boredom i fell into... always had to stay in stealth.


Please enlight me how to deal with these 2 classes

What would you do if you were in me? i'm focusing to get beans to get hm block or cobal punch but it's a very long ride. 
Which one you'd give more priority? without hm block there's no chance against FMs. On the other hand hm cobal punch is essential!
My toon has around 470 ap so get them through pve it's out of the question due to ap requirements.


Thanks in advance

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Hi Vos, 


you are right: You have a huge disadvantage against FM without hm elbow smash. But there are still things you can do:


You can gapclose using Q and E while in KFM stance. They have both 8m range and resist damage and status effects (and you'll get a free howling blast proc usually). Try to chain knockdowns, FM does not have a ground counter. Spec your self-defense chi to resist auto targetting, it removes debuffs and Fm cannot RMB you for 5 seconds. good opportunity to use your 2 charge.


against sin: This one is quite manageable. Spec 1 point into your tab to get a free 8m AoE every 6s which can be used agaisnt sins stealth. the 8m AoE knockback ground ripple is also useful (penetrates defense so no rng evade on this one). Also most sins use a similar pattern:

-Go stealth at start using smoke bomb

- Bolt strike once stealth runs out

- Swap once stealth ends.


The swap can be blocked with your elbow counter. The teleport shuriken can also be blocked, most sins use it imidiately once they enter stealth. I recommend the knockdown howling blast again to start an effective ground combo against them. It disables defense for 4 seconds so they can not use ground counter. Also remember that Q and E iframes on elemental stance do not require a target, so you can still use them while the sin is in stealth.


For the HM skills. Upgrade gear first until you get ~550Ap to farm 4 mans. It's grindy but once you have it you get more gold from rare drops. Or you get a lucky 1k gold daily challenge

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8 hours ago, skelettbus said:


Many thanks!

I don't expect to win every match vs fm, but at least if i manage well q/e , self chi + 2 i shouldn't got destroyed
I'm gettin used to sins, it seems bottom ladder is full of them, not to mention summoners

Regarding hm skills, as long as i'm not at least gold, i don't know if it's either cheaper and faster getting them through pve. I didn't used any of my beans so far.

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