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Premium Storage Bug

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I recently hit Premium 10 and this is a bug I've observed that seems specific to premium 10 (i.e. it never happened to me while I was prem 9).


When I purchased something from the Hongmoon Store (with NCoins) using your web recharge my remote storage got disabled until I went back to the character selection screen and back into the game. From what I understand this is a bug that has been around for a long time, though I hadn't experienced it because I only very recently hit premium 10.


Please fix this.

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Its not exclusive to any rank. Just to premium members in general.
Me and my buddies all complain about it happening. 
I am unable to generate how often it happens but its as often as pretty much any purchase. 
I'm rank 9. The destroyer in clan is 8
My woman is a 6 and my other buddy the kfm is a 3 and it happens to all of us.
Worst thing is that it doesn't always correct on a character change screen. sometimes we have to actually exit game.

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I've made more subsequent purchases since I made this post and this bug has happened to me every single time I've bought something as prem 10.


What happens is that the game will actually reset my premium rank to 1 until I relog, which never happened to me before. This is a really annoying bug and I don't want to have to go through with this every time I decide to support the game. NCSoft should make this fix a priority because there's no reason for this bug to continue to exist after all this time.

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