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Silverfrost / WWV questions


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I've only just started taking this game seriously, so I have one or two questions to ask in regards to that.

-I heard 4 man dungeons are best for farming Naryu Tablets? Which would be the most efficient and how much AP do I need to be accepted into a random lobby?

-I heard mention of "prime time WWV hours"? Would that just be afternoons when the kids come home? (I play NA)
Also how hard is it to obtain 50 medals? I've searched and searched but nothing I find online talks about medal gain or rewards, and I can't find out for myself because I've queued at various hours for the past week and only played one game.



Thanks in advance.

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1)  Plenty of ways to get Naryu Tablets, but I guess most people get more 'success' from running 4-man Yeti since it's short.  But you can get tablets also from doing your daily challenges along with the new event dungeon.  I'm sure any extra money you get from 4-man yeti can also yield into buying Sealed Naryu Tablets.


As far as AP, 500AP would be more than enough, but F8 always may require more, I'm sure people look for 550+ for 4-man yeti there.  Your best bet would be to find a static group that also needs to farm tablets or just want to farm yeti for achievement/stingers in general.


2)  WWV has "frenzy hours" (7PM-11PM Server time) where most people tend to do it because it gives extra EXP and battle points.  I don't remember the Bravery coin exchange rate, but you get them from doing the WWV dailies or some PVP dailies, and you can trade in WWV battle points for them as well.  I'm unsure of how many battle points you get per win/loss in WWV either.


Hope that helps :)



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I got lots of Naryu Tablets from 6-man Lair/Yeti/Necro as well.
Lair is probably the easiest to run 4-man.


Bravery costs 400 BP each.
Winning will earn you 200 BP. For loosing, the amount depends on how bad you loose (50-100 BP usually).

During frenzy hours you'll get 50% extra BP (so 300 for a win).

But you probably meant Whirlwind Battle Coin from the last event. They can only be bought with 3000 BP each now. Or you could have luck to get a few from the Daily Dash.

It was really easy to get 50 coins during the 6 weeks the event lasted but now that it has ended it will be hard.

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150k BP are impossible to get before the WW Battle coins are removed from the game (I think 25th Oct). Do not try to do that. It's just a way for the people who are missing a few coins to still reach their goal (like e.g. I need 3 coins = 9000 BP).

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