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why no summoner class for other races

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1 hour ago, Donthink said:

imagine lyn destroyer using grab, would be more like balls grab.

Blade Dancer IS Lyn Destro. 


It's marketed as Lyn Blade Master, but it's really a Blade Master/Destro Hybrid in the same way SF is a FM/KFM Hybrid. They even have the better grab! 




As for the topic,  yeah, I would have really liked to see summoners of other races using different familiar types. Like Gon with something more bestial, like a wolf or something, and Yun with something "elegant" maybe birds as familiars? 


And Jin don't get one because they're supposed to suck at magic. Well, I actually don't get that one because that was supposedly why they don't get FM, but then they got Warlock which is even more of a mage class. Though I guess the plot/NPC warlocks (Basically just Zuila, I guess) use dark chi and necromancy type stuff which probably doesn't play by the normal rules for magic users anyways. 


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3 hours ago, LordMg said:





I would pay a whole dollar to unlock those 2 new races.

I admire the video creator's bravery in heavily modding game files and risking getting banned to provide us with after-meal entertainment.

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