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Ebondrake Hideout?

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I realise this is probably more than a little behind the times, what with Ebondrake Citadel coming up tomorrow...


Ebon Deva Gwihan, what do? Any advice? Something about blazing energy? A friend and myself have attempted it a few times but we're at a loss, so I figured it couldn't hurt to ask here. Searching seems to come up with nothing outside of the story mode version and the few videos there are don't really explain anything.


Thanks in advance for any helpful replies!

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Unsure of the exact mechanics, but basically someone in the party will be grabbed by Malevolent Gaze and be given some "Blazing energy" buff that makes you immune to his barrier (I don't even know what this move is).  But I think once the 'Blazing Energy' buff is expired, then that person gets stuck in some 'shield' and basically the other party members have to attack the shield of goo in order to free you.


If you're trying to duo this dungeon, then you need to make sure you free each other out of it.


Usually I LFP this dungeon with a 6-man team and most of the times we DPS the boss before anyone gets stuck.

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Ah, I had the impression that collecting this 'Blazing Energy' was supposed to make you immune to that shield thing he traps you in. My friend had issues targetting the shield as the boss was still attacking me, and of course I can't dodge anything while I'm stuck so I don't last very long in that situation...


Still, that sounds simple enough! The blazing energy callouts in the chat just made it sound more complex than it actually was, I think.


Thanks for the advice!

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