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Hey, guys!

So, it's been a while since the last time I played the game and I started to feel nostalgic and decided to play it again.

The problem began after downloading everything, I opened the launcher, I put my mail and my password and after hitting "Log In" nothing happened.

I restarted my computer and again, it didn't work I'm stuck here. (I also reinstalled everything) It's been like hours and hours of trying and nothing seems to solve this problem.

Will you be so kind so as to help me, please! :'( 

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try to run as administrator also, what happens after the you click log in? do you see the game loading? is your computer super slow after that?


i had a problem like that and i needed to turn off my antivirus for some reason was preventing the game to start. Also after you log in and noting happens check the task bar and see if your bladeandsoul.exe still there or is not responding, etc.


have you tried file repair?


Last resource use the event viewer:

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